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What is NOMIRA?

NOMIRA stands for “Nordic Mission Radio Amateurs”

NOMIRA is a group of Christian radio amateurs which has its roots from early 1970 and which gave missionaries in South America and Africa, far out in the wilderness without any telephones or even roads, a possibility to contact their home countries through ham radio.

It all started on 10th June 1971 with LA8XN Steinar Aabø from Halden in Norway, 9Q5JE, 9Q5KS, and some missionaries from Norway that was in Chile and Bolivia. What was at one time a small community of hams grew to big three with branches all over the world.

NOMIRA has a special “73” – 6:23 – which is from the Bible in Ephesians 6.23 and also refers to the frequency 3623 kHz where the Nordic net had a sked at 6.23 GMT, and where the African net was active at 19.00 GMT and the South American net at 22.00 GMT.

Nowadays the mobile and satellite telephones has taken over, but the Nordic net still has contact every morning on 3623 kHz at 6.23 GMT (e.g. 06.30 GMT or 07:30 SNT).



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